Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Claus

Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Claus
–Theatre G
Inspired by a simple, poignant letter written over 100 years ago.

Virginia O'Hanlon is an eight-year-old girl looking for the answers to whether Santa Claus is real by writing a letter to the editor of the New York Sun in 1897. A veteran editor, Frank P. Church knows the girl deserves a truthful answer. Based on real events, the play is narrated by the editor of the Sun and puts the wonder back into Christmas from the views of a child and adult, making you believe that Santa Claus "exists as certainly as love and generosity and devotion exist."

By Andrew J. Fenady. Based on the teleplay by Val DeCrowl and Andrew J. Fenady.
Lori Portner

Directed by Lori Portner

Lori is LCT’s Education Director and developed the curriculum for our First Stage and Act series of classes. She also has been our primary instructor for these classes, as well as the Guest Director for most of our Youth Theatre productions.

Edward P. Mitchell
Sean McDevitt
Frank P. Church
John Richards
James O'Hanlon
Michael Scott
Dominic Donneli
Mike Adank
Virginia O'Hanlon
Avery Deboer
Maria Donneli
Sallie Bestul
Kadee Brown
Frances Flottmeyer
Sean O'Hanlon
Caleb Schilling
Evie O'Hanlon
Stacy Bruemmer
Andrea Borland
Natalie Wikstrom
Teddy Murray
Adam Rathgaber
Mrs. Goldstein
Bridget M. Olson
Alex Dutchin
Lucas Volenec
Kelly Wilde
J. Michael Hartigan
Scott Rathgaber
Ben Kruse
William Hicks
Lori Portner
Set Designer
Dillon McArdle
Costume Designer
Mandy Parmeter
Lighting Designer
Dillon McArdle
Props Master
Tami Wolden
Sound Designer
Dillon McArdle
Stage Manager
Megan Pence
Assistant Directors
Stephanie Koehne
Emily Peck
Light Board Operator
Libby Bestul
Sound Board Operator
Bernie Keller
Set Construction
Jeff Ilstrup
Dillon McArdle
Greg Parmeter
Scenic Painter
Sharon Markee
Costume Construction
Leslie Bates
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Mandy Parmeter
Run Crew
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Andy Krage
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