Experience life on stage at LCT!

Anyone who ever wanted to act, from those with no experience to the most seasoned actor, is welcome on our stage. Part of what makes LCT successful is the diversity of our participants. Beginning with auditions and ending with the final curtain call, the production team and staff are there to help. Many novices worry about learning all the lines or succumbing to stage fright. Don’t let that stop you! During the weeks of rehearsals, your role and character will become second nature!


 An up-to-date resume or list of previous theatrical shows, headshot or photo, and a list of conflicts is requested, but not required to audition. We have a template available to download HERE and bring to auditions. You can also contact us at [email protected] to have them printed and waiting for you the night of auditions. 

Audition Templates

2021-2022 Season COVID-19 Safety

In keeping with LCT’s mission to “provide opportunities for creativity and personal growth in a fun, collaborative environment,” we believe it’s vitally important to gather our community in a safe manner.

COVID-19 Safety

Requirements and Expectations

Productions require 5-8 weeks of rehearsal. Cast members rehearse 3-4 hours a night 4 or 5 times a week. Each show has around 12 performances.

Perusal Scripts

Perusal scripts are available in the box office. They may be checked out for one week with a $5 refundable deposit.


Upcoming auditions

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To Kill a Mockingbird

Auditions: -
Feb. 6 to 7, 6 p.m.

All auditioning will be doing cold reads with the director, William Garcia.

Child auditions will be from 6-7pm | Adult auditions will be from 7-10pm



JEAN LOUISE FINCH (SCOUT) | Caucasian | Character Gender: Female 

Southern. Smart, insightful, independent, she’s forthright and has a strong sense of justice. Articulate and an original thinker. Looks up to her father. Believes in the goodness of people.

JEREMY FINCH (JEM) | Caucasian | Character Gender: Male

Southern. Scout’s brother, older by four years. Very much the older sibling, he’s decisive, bold, quick to act, opinionated and brave. Idolizes his father.

ATTICUS FINCH | Caucasian | Character Gender: Male | Character Age: 40-50

Southern. A small-town lawyer in Maycomb, Alabama in the 1930’s. Highly intelligent, thoughtful, compassionate, with a strong moral compass and a dry sense of humor. Father to Scout and Jem, he cares for his children deeply.

CALPURNIA | African American | Character Gender: Female | Character Age: 40-50

Southern. Works as the housekeeper for the Finches. Smart, strong, outspoken, political, with a strong moral center. Protective of Scout and Jem.

MISS MAUDIE ATKINSON | Caucasian | Character Gender: Female | Character Age: 35-50

Southern. The narrator of the piece. A widow who lives across the road from the Finches. She has known them all her life having grown up next to the Finch ancestral home. She enjoys baking and gardening.

MISS STEPHANIE CRAWFORD | Caucasian | Character Gender: Female | Character Age: 35-45

Southern. The town gossip. Funny, highly opinionated. A neighbor of the Finches.

MRS. DUBOSE | Caucasian | Character Gender: Female | Character Age: 60+

Southern. An irascible and unhappy woman, she is another neighbor of the Finches who speaks cruelly to Scout and Jem. 

ARTHUR RADLEY (BOO) | Caucasian | Character Gender: Male | Character Age: 30-40

Southern. The reclusive neighbor of the Finches, he’s retreated from the world, is never seen by anyone in Maycomb and has become the subject of much speculation and wild rumors. When he appears, he barely speaks a word. He has a haunted quality, but a profoundly kind spirit. Physically imposing. Not verbal, extremely sensitive.

CHARLES BAKER HARRIS (DILL) | Caucasian | Character Gender: Male

Is staying with his Aunt Rachel in Maycomb while his mother is otherwise engaged. Outgoing, talkative, sensitive, though rather lonely; he is befriended by Jem and Scout.

SHERIFF HECK TATE | Caucasian | Character Gender: Male | Character Age: 40-55

Southern. Maycomb’s town sheriff. Man of the law. He knows the conflicts of the town and has to figure out how to navigate them. Compassionate.

JUDGE TAYLOR | Caucasian | Character Gender: Male | Character Age: 60+

Southern. Maycomb’s judge. Courtly and learned, he’s very much in charge of his courtroom. Thoughtful, shrewd, formidable with a dry and sharp wit. Doesn’t suffer fools.

REVEREND SYKES | African American | Character Gender: Male | Character Age: 50+

Southern. The reverend of the First Purchase M.E. African Church in Maycomb County, where most if not all of the African-American characters go to church. Compassionate and neighborly to all, he brings Scout, Jem, and Dill up to the balcony to observe Tom’s trial.

MAYELLA EWELL | Caucasian | Character Gender: Female | Character Age: 18-25

Southern. Daughter of Bob Ewell. Uneducated. Takes care of her many younger siblings, traumatized and volatile. She falsely accuses Tom Robinson of assault.

BOB EWELL | Caucasian | Character Gender: Male | Character Age: 40-55

Southern. Angry, alcoholic, prone to violence. Very smart. A dangerous man, who feels cheated by the world.

WALTER CUNNINGHAM | Caucasian | Character Gender: Male | Character Age: 40-55

Southern. A farmer. Uneducated, impoverished.

MR. HORACE GILMER | Caucasian | Character Gender: Male | Character Age: 30-40

Southern. Prosecuting attorney with the soul of a politician; ambitious and shrewd.

TOM ROBINSON | African American | Character Gender: Male | Character Age: 25-35

Southern. A field hand, hardworking, serious and ethical, falsely accused of assaulting Mayella Ewell.

CLERK OF THE COURT | Caucasian | Character Gender: Male | Character Age: 20+

Southern. Provides support to the Judge, the attorneys and other officers of the court. Keeps the transcript of the trial as it unfolds.


Southern. Members of the ensemble to portray Townspeople, Farmers, Members of Reverend Sykes’ congregation, the Mob in front of the jail, and Spectators of Tom’s trial.