Escanaba in Da Moonlight

Escanaba in Da Moonlight
–Theatre PG-13
A hunting tale to beat all hunting tales...

When the Soady clan reunites for opening day of deer seson at the family's Upper Peninsula camp, 35-year-old Reuben Soady brings with him the nefarious reputation of being the oldest Soady in history never to bag a buck. In a hunting story to beat all, Escanaba in Da Moonlight spins a hilarious tale of humor, horror, and heart as Reuben goes to any and all lengths to remove himself from the wrong end of the family record book.

Written by Jeff Daniels.
Greg Parmeter

Directed by Greg Parmeter

Greg earned his MFA from the Johnny Carson School of Theatre and Film at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Professional acting credits include seasons with the Nebraska Repertory Theatre, the Virginia Shakespeare Festival, the Northern Fort Playhouse in South Dakota, and a tour with the Hampstead Stage Company, a children’s theatre based in New Hampshire. Previously, Greg taught elementary special education, worked as the Technical Director for Aberdeen Central High School, and as an instructor and director with T.O.Y. Box Children’s Theatre.

Albert Soady
Dan Radtke
Reuben Soady
Tom Wright
Remnar Soady
Scott L. Vehrenkamp
Jimmer Negamanee
Ken E. Brown
Ranger Tom T. Treado
Tom Desjarlais
Wolf Moon Dance Soady
Stacy Bruemmer
Greg Parmeter
Assistant Director
Ken Schelper
Costume Designer
Mandy Parmeter
Scenic/Lighting Designer and Sound Coordinator
Dillon McArdle
Sound Designer/Sound Board Operator
Leslie Bates
Light Board Operator
Jeff Copsey
Props Master
Cindy Wright
Stage Manager
Jenn Burchell-Bailey
Costume Assistant/Construction
Sue La Crosse
Set Construction
Tim Harris
Run Crew
Cindy Wright
Amanda Wright