The Odd Couple

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The Odd Couple
–Theatre PG
One's tidy. One's messy. What could go wrong?

This classic comedy opens as a group of “the guys” assemble for cards in the messy apartment of divorced Oscar Madison. Late to arrive is Felix Unger, who has just been separated from his wife. The two suddenly single pals — Oscar, a sloppy sportswriter and Felix, a fastidious news writer — strain their friendship by becoming roommates and unconsciously repeating the same mistakes they made in the marriages they just left.

By Neil Simon

THE ODD COUPLE is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals on behalf of Samuel French, Inc.
William Garcia

Directed by William Garcia

William Garcia first appeared on stage at 7 years old and has been figuring out ways of staying there ever since. This is the fifth production he has directed for LCT, which also includes Newsies, Proof, Frozen Jr. and A Midsummer Night's Dream. He wants to thank his wife Merideth and his daughters Merlin and Genevieve, for their constant love and support.

Oscar Madison
Steven Walker
Felix Unger
Jeremiah Galvan
Jacob Leis
Peter Schreier
Scott Vehrenkamp
Josh Zabel
Cecily Pigeon
Nikale Beltran
Gwendolyn Pigeon
Katie Fries
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