Babes in Toyland

Upcoming performances

The show has been struck and our actors have taken their final bows.

Thanks for a great run.

Babes in Toyland
–Theatre G
Book by Ken Holamon
Lyrics by Glen MacDonough and Ken Holamon
Music by Victor Herbert
Morrie Enders

Directed by Morrie Enders

Mark Thornton
Old Woman in the Shoe
Amanda Munson
Curly Locks
Sydney Mikkelson
Little Bo Peep
Angie Elsen
Little Boy Blue
Oakley carnal
Jack B. Nimble
Andy Fitzpatrick
Little Miss Muffet
Sarah Jane Marek
Contrary Mary
Michelle Caponigro
Eric Larson
Chris Hoff
Timothy Sprain
Alexa Trussoni
Farmer's Wife/Toy Soldier
Deah Blanke
Queen of Hearts/Elf
Barbara Lysaker
Blind Mouse #1/Elf
Kelly Jo Elsen
Blind Mouse #2/Elf
Andrea Lange
Blind Mouse #3/Toy Soldier
Erica LeGrand
Wee Willie Winkie/Toy Soldier
Leah Tanke
Peter Pumpkin Eater/Toy Soldier
Heather Schmalz
Mrs. Peter Pumpkin Eater/Toy Soldier
Michelle Perlmutter
Old Mother Hubbard/Toy Soldier
Sarah Clemence
Humpty Dumpty/Toy Soldier
Julie Korish
Old King Cole/Toy Soldier
Kim Jacobson
Fiddler #1/Elf
Jessica Olson
Fiddler #2/Elf
Jake Pederson
Fiddler #3/Toy Soldier
Karli Pederson
The Butcher/Elf
JaDana Dhoms-Rapp
The Baker/Elf
Tasha Dohms-Rapp
The Candlestick Maker/Elf
Geoffrey Clemence
Jack Sprat/Toy Soldier
Jordan Patros
Mrs. Sprat/Toy Soldier
Maggie Hessel-Mial
Mike Kroner
M. Mercedes Stickler
Georgy Porgy/Elf
Pat Kroner
Little Jack Horner/Elf
Kristopher Sheehan
Knave of Hearts
Justin Dohms
Tweedle Dee/Elf
Jonathan Lamb
Tweedle Dum/Elf
Sam Ruud
Toy Soldier
Justin Dohms
Music Director
Nancy Stoll
Scenic Designer/Lighting Designer
Michael J. Allman
Costume Coordinator
Dawn Enders
Tracie Thaldorf
Stage Managers
Betty Lamb
Bob Lamb