East of the Sun, West of the Moon

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The show has been struck and our actors have taken their final bows.

Thanks for a great run.

East of the Sun, West of the Moon
–Theatre G
By Brian Kral

Directed by John Hilber

Lisa Middleton
Karin's Mother
Rachel Manson
The White Bear/Peder
Ryan Hofmeister
Old Woman/Troll Queen
Mindy Wiesjahn
Young Woman/Troll Princess
Darcy Smith
First Hag
Sarah Gerber
Second Hag
Jessica Manson
Third Hag
Christine Jones
Karin's Father
Jonah Hurtzenbuehler
East Wind
Andrew Manson
West Wind
Katie Stubbendick
South Wind
Sarah Manson
North Wind
Brad Schroeder
Mike Kroner
1st Stone Figure
Lindsey Bakel
2nd Stone Figure
Annaliise Olson
3rd Stone Figure
Analee Heath
4th Stone Figure
Nicole Netwal
Fred (a Gargoyle)
Jessica Manson
Fjord (a Gargoyle)
Sarah Gerber
Scenic/Lighting Designer
Kit Mayer
Costume Designer
Susan Hilber
Sound Designer
Doug Williams
Stage Manager
Danielle Murphy