Ramona Quimby

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The show has been struck and our actors have taken their final bows.

Thanks for a great run.

Ramona Quimby
–Theatre G
By Len Jenkins
Based on the Books by Beverly Cleary
Morrie Enders

Directed by Morrie Enders

Ramona Quimby
Beth Leverich
Beezuz Quimby
Amanda McAllister
Dorothy Quimby
Angela Paul
Bob Quimby
Stephen Patrick Rowe
Aunt Bea
Brenna Padesky
Howie Kemp
Addison Winger
Uncle Hobart
Anthony Harris
Mrs. Kemp
Katie Skinner
Mrs. Griggs
Mary Greener
Sarah Carpenter
Maggie Finney
Selma/Neighborhood Kid
Anna Christianson
Mr. Frost/Old Man
Dan Krage
Doctor/Neighborhood Kid
Kyle Brauer
Director of Commercial/Neighborhood Kid
Kelly Copsey
Boy in Commercial/Neighborhood Kid
Michael Marcou
Child in Commercial/Neighborhood Kid
Kasey Bruha
Mother/Neighborhood Kid
Taylor Mathy
Camera Operator
Hilary Twite
Kyle Delap
Carolyn Haupert/Neighborhood Kid
Minister/Neighborhood Kid
Bailey Padesky
Neighborhood Kid
Lauren Harbin
Neighborhood Kid
Michelle Harbin
Neighborhood Kid
Andrew Krage
Neighborhood Kid
Ben Locke
Neighborhood Kid
Sarah Locke
Neighborhood Kid
Bradeden Padesky
Neighborhood Kid
Sam Rood
Neighborhood Kid
Alexandra Seitz
Neighborhood Kid
Danielle Seitz
Neighborhood Kid
Kristian Smerud
Neighborhood Kid
Tyler Vietanen
Scenic/Lighting Designer
Daniel D. Heerts
Costume Designer
Dawn Enders