A Little House Christmas

A Little House Christmas
–Theatre G
Prairie girls are in the house and will steal your heart.

Laura and Mary Ingalls help their Ma in the kitchen, do their chores and dress in their Sunday clothes for a gracious dinner, which means finding a way to include and be nice to the mean-spirited and snooty Nellie. The girls see the lesson that prairie families rely on each other, whether well-to-do or threadbare, everybody has something to contribute.  When the raging storm keeps Pa from securing the gifts he intended, the girls demonstrate they’ve internalized the lessons of inner fortitude and good will, and keep the spirit of Christmas alive.

Based on the Little House books by Laura Ingalls Wilder. Adapted for the stage by James DeVita.
Lori Portner

Directed by Lori Portner

Lori is originally from Chicago but has spent most of her life in the Coulee Region. She received her BA in theatre, speech communication and English from UW-La Crosse. Through the years she has directed over 60 shows and has had the privilege of teaching countless students of all ages about theatre.

Pa Ingalls
Michael Scott
Ma Ingalls
Diane Richards
Stephanie Koehne
Mr. Edwards
Patrick Nee
Uncle George
Nicholas Springer
Mrs. Oleson
Patty Nix
Nellie Oleson
Mikayla Peters
Adam Rathgaber
Rudy Kammel
Lori Portner
Set Designer
Michael Baggesi
Costume Designer
Cheri Sailors
Lighting Designer
Michael Baggesi
Technical Director
Michael Baggesi
Light Board Operator
Aidan Smerud
Set Construction
Michael Baggesi
Shawn Brooks
Morrie Enders
Matt Handbard
Heather Lampert
Michael Marcou
Devin Nee
Patrick Nee
Jim Nelson
Steve Russell
Aaron Sailors
Aidan Smerud
Scott Smerud
Costume Construction
Lynne Hodge
Cheri Sailors