Twelfth Night

Twelfth Night
–Theatre PG
Viola thinks her brother is dead. He thinks that she is dead. Everyone thinks that she is her brother. Everyone thinks that her brother is her. Shenanigans ensue.

As with most Shakespeare comedies, Twelfth Night deals with lots of mistaken identity. Viola is shipwrecked and loses sight of her twin brother, Sebastian. She masquerades as a young page for Duke Orsino until she can fi nd her brother. The duke takes her in as a confi dant to help him court Lady Olivia. But Olivia has developed a fancy for Orsino’s new page. Meanwhile, Viola falls in love with her master, who still believes she is a man. The love triangles become more complex as the steward Malvolio believes Lady Olivia is really secretly in love with him. All is fi nally revealed when Sebastian returns and marries Lady Olivia, who mistakes him for Viola disguised as the page.

By William Shakespeare.
Anne Drecktrah

Directed by guest artist, Anne Drecktrah

Anne is an adjunct teacher of theatre and film at Viterbo University. At LCT she most recently directed The Boys Next Door and Barefoot in the Park. Elsewhere she has directed See Jane Vote, Tomfoolery, Last Letters from Stalingrad, Don’t Hug Me, On the Verge, and many more. Other favorites include Trojan Women, The Matchmaker, Scapino, and Taming of the Shrew.

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