The Dining Room

The Dining Room
–Theatre PG
Drama and wit a la carte.

Every home has a special place where families gather to share their lives. For many, that place is the dining room table. This moving and humorous play follows the life of a typical American dining room and the people who call it home.

Written by A.R. Gurney.
David R. Kilpatric

Directed by David R. Kilpatrick

David is excited to share this production with you. Here at LCT, David has directed On Golden Pond, Doubt, and The Wizard of Oz. He also co-wrote The Last Christmas Gift. As a lighting designer, in addition to the above plays, David has designed lights for Bus Stop and The Phantom Tollbooth. As a professional director, designer, and stage manager, David has worked around the country, from 99-seat theatres to grand houses, but is particularly proud of helping with LCT’s new home. In addition to artistic work, David is the executive director of LCT and of the Weber Center for the Performing Arts.

Suzanne Young
K.S. Brownell
Steven Walker
Stacy Bruemmer
Ash Dockry
Jim Nelson
Madi Radtke
Noah Greenberg
David R. Kilpatrick
Costume Designer
Mandy Parmeter
Lighting Designer
David R. Kilpatrick
Props Master
Deborah Nerud
Sound Designer
Greg Parmeter
Technical Director
Dillon McArdle
Stage Manager
Marcia Losinski Lemmer
Assistant Technical Director
Tim Harris
Props Assistants
Marcia Losinksi Lemmer
Barbara Kilpatrick
Backstage Technician
Michelle Walker
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