First Lady Suite

First Lady Suite
–Theatre PG
Every First Lady makes her own rules.

A musical look into the lives of four 20th century First Ladies: Jackie Kennedy, Mamie Eisenhower, Bess Truman, and Eleanor Roosevelt. From their shared struggle to define the role of women in a changing world, to each one’s search to define herself while living in the glare of the public eye, this musical takes a lyrical, humorous, and poignant look into the lives of these legendary women.

By Michael John Lachiusa.
Greg Parmeter

Directed by Greg Parmeter

Greg earned his MFA from the Johnny Carson School of Theatre and Film at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. His acting credits include seasons with the Nebraska Repertory Theatre, the Virginia Shakespeare Festival, the Northern Fort Playhouse and a tour with the Hampstead Stage Company. Greg is in his sixth season with LCT.

Evelyn Lincoln/Bess Truman
Mary Lansing
Mary Gallagher
Anna Mae Beyer
Presidential Aide/Dwight Eisenhower
Bradley Weber
Jackie Kennedy
Kelley Manson
Lady Bird Johnson/Kay Summersby/Margaret Truman
Kelsey Taunt
Mamie Eisenhower
Emily Vieth
Marian Anderson
Emily Ware
Eleanor Roosevelt
Katie Anne Reischl
Lorena Hickok
Jennifer Burchell
Amelia Earhart
Kristyn Taggart
Director/Projection and Sound Designer
Greg Parmeter
Music Director
Aliyah Richling
Costume Designer
Mandy Parmeter
Set/Lighting Designer
Dillon McArdle
Projection Designer/Operator
Eric Leitzen
Assistant Music Director
Sarah Leitzen
Stage Manager/Light Board Operator
Scott Jenks
Sound Engineer/Board Operator
Chris Scheuermann
Master Electrician
Tim Harris
Audio/Video Assistant
Alex Fenton
Peter Schneider
Set Crew
Drew Reischl
Katya Carter
Kristyn Taggart
Set Construction
Gary Mundinger
Scenic Painting
Lisa K. Adams
Sharon Markee
Costume Construction
Barb Burchill
Katya Carter
Emily Felsheim
Donna Buros Hanson
Francie Johnson
Sue La Crosse
Jenny Mullin
Lori Reischl
Jeri Sebo
Lorraine Wilson
Suzanne Young
Seth Keiser
Sarah Leitzen
Matt Salvo
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